NuTACT SmartCCTV System is truly the one and only preventive surveillance system in Malaysia which is cloud-based that is meant to stop break-in, burglary, intrusion, theft, and fire disaster before it actually happens. It also prevents sabotage such as stealing or breaking the DVR or the video recording system as the secure cloud storage keeps all the motion-detect snapshots intact and the IP cameras work without a DVR. NuTACT SmartCCTV packages consist of the following items 1, 2 and 3. 
1. NuTACT IP Cameras
Types of the cameras
Comes with Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) function. Wider viewing angle and a closer focal point with 3.6mm lens. Suitable for shops, kiosks, office, factory, warehouse, apartments, inside of the house, and car porch of the house (where rain cannot reach). 
Weather proof and suitable for all outdoor environments with narrower viewing angle and a further focal point with 6mm lens. Outdoor camera does not have the pan-and-tilt function.
Network Solution
Cost effective, re-deployable and portable. Ease of installation without the need of long messy cablings.
Interference free, secure and reliable connection. Higher cost due to cabling works and to hide it.
Power-over-ethernet (POE)
Stability in connection and less cables.
2. Cloud Surveillance Management Center (CSMC)
All CSMC comes with 5 user accounts for business package and 2 user accounts for home package.
Preventive Surveillance
Break-in Prevention
With the Motion Detect feature, get notified as soon as the home, office or warehouse is in the process of being broken into, allowing the owner to react. Utilizing the preset Panic Number that is shown in the Email Alert to contact the security or the police to capture the intruder red-handed, or to activate the Panic Siren Unit from the same email alert to fend off the intruder.
Sabotage Prevention
With all the snapshots securely stored in the CSMC, allow access only to the assigned personnel, stopping saboteur from viewing or deletion. Device Monitoring feature will inform owner if ever the camera is suffering downtime due to connection problems, turned off or being tempered with.
DVR-less system
DVR-less system means no worries of replacing the whole surveillance system due to broken or stolen DVR. Easy add-on cameras without limit set.  
Cloud-base Central Management System (CMS)
Management of All Cameras regardless of geographical location
Log on to the CSMC portal and manage your cameras any time any place as long as there are internet connections.
User Security Access Control System
Set different authorizations for different users on camera access.
Secure Cloud Storage for Motion-detect Snapshots
Snapshots are tamper-proof and stored remotely for 30 days in our secure storage data center. There is no storage size limit therefore eliminating the worries of not capturing the Motion-Detect snapshots.
Multiple Sites Simultaneous Monitoring
Monitor all branches, shops or offices nationwide from main office under the CSMC portal.
Safeguarding CEO Privacy
With the User Control Access Right, only the CEO or the boss has camera access of their own rooms.
Delegation of Monitoring Task
Easily assign the factory, branch or shop managers to monitor only their own branches.
Mobile Setup Guide
A step-by-step guide to set up your Android or Apple devices. Also provides the camera’s access login and password based on the user’s access permission.
Device Monitoring System
Get notified whenever IP Cameras are down, due to tempering or internal sabotage.
Panic Siren and Panic Number System
Contact the relevant people or authority with ease without having to frantically search through the phonebook. And if help took too long to arrive, activate the Panic Siren Unit to scare off intruder with a loud siren, with just a single touch on the mobile device.
3. NuTACT Video Management Software (VMS) Professional/Basic
Local Monitoring Console
Establish a console for local monitoring by installing VMS into a desktop computer.
Local Video Recording
Video Management Software for local video recording has no effect on the IP camera if the server went down.