NuTACT SmartCCTV combines the best of both worlds, the good old video recording function of the conventional CCTV system and the break-in preventive measures of IP-based security surveillance with NuTACT Cloud Surveillance Management Center (CSMC).

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The conventional CCTV system relies on the DVR to function. As a result, when the DVR fails or gets stolen, the CCTV cameras become useless.

NuTACT SmartCCTV system is DVR-less and continues to function when your video recording server fails. You still get to monitor all cameras through CSMC. Snapshots are still being uploaded to CSMC remote storage when motion is detected. The break-in preventive measures are intact.

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Break-in Prevention
Before any intruder can reach your main door or within the coverage of NuTACT SmartCCTV, you will receive email alerts that will prompt you on your smart phone.

You can check out the attached photos in the email, launch the app and see the live video on your smart phone and take the necessary actions to stop it. Panic number can be included in the email alerts.

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Multi-location Monitoring
When you have a few branches or retail shops all over the country, how can you monitor all these locations at the same time?

Look no further as NuTACT CSMC has this built into the system. Once logged into your own CSMC portal, you can view any cameras of any locations, provided that your access is granted.

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Virtual DVR:
Have you ever wonder what’s going on at home, in your offices, factories, or retail shops during certain hours of the day?

Login to CSMC, and check out the snapshots for the daily events.

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With the conventional CCTV system, you will lose your privacy in your own office room.

With NuTACT SmartCCTV, you will get to monitor, apply break-in prevention, yet safeguard your privacy in your own office room. No one can access your camera or snapshots except yourself.

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Local Video Recording
You have just upgraded to a new notebook or IPad/Android tablets.

Well, now you can always turn your underutilized PC into a video recording device with NuTACT SmartCCTV Video Management Software (VMS).

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Mobile Live Viewing
With your IPhone/IPAD/Android Phone or tablet, not only will you be receiving break-in prevention alerts, you can also install apps from AppStore or Marketplace, and turn your smart phone into a remote control station for remote viewing and monitoring.

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NuTACT Panic Siren Unit
The latest addition to the NuTACT SmartCCTV Surveillance armory which utilizes the Panic Siren Button feature. Once attached to a NuTACT Indoor IP Camera, a single touch on your mobile device will set off a deafening siren to fend off intruders.

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How to stop break-in and theft?
How to conveniently monitor multiple outlets or branches / simultaneously?
How to stop break-in and theft?
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